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We are Project Escape and offer a live action Escape Room in a safe and enjoyable environment.

What is an Escape Room?

  • Escape Rooms (also known as Exit rooms) are taking the world by storm.
  • They are live-action theme-based games where players discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to accomplish a specific goal (usually escaping from the room) in a limited amount of time.
  • You and your team of up to six people will be locked in a room. You have one hour to solve the puzzles and find a way to escape. Think a cross between ‘The Crystal Maze’ & ‘Cluedo’ and you’re there!
  • Escape rooms require teamwork, communication, and delegation as well as critical thinking, attention to detail, and lateral thinking.
  • They are accessible to a wide range of players and do not favour gender; in fact, the most successful of team are those made of players with a variety of experiences, skills, background knowledge, and physical abilities.
  • As they are live-action games taking place in the physical world, they create opportunities for players to engage directly with each other in the same way that table top games do; players eager to look at something other than a glowing screen are flocking to games in the physical world for face-to-face engagement opportunities.

About Us

  • Project Escape is a small, independent company owned & operated by NG Entertainment LTD.
  • We are not part of a large franchise, therefore you will not find our games anywhere else.
  • We are, to our knowledge, one of the only Escape Rooms to appear on a University Campus. We believe that offers a unique experience as well as giving us ingenuity, creativity and fun!
  • At Project Escape we try to offer the most immersive and thrilling experience possible, which starts with our engaging staff.
  • We try to offer the best possible value with prices being cheaper than competition and often hold special events.
  • Project Escape constantly strive to update and improve our Escape Games.
  • Keep an eye here on our website, head over to our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to ensure you catch the latest updates.