Booking Size

You must have at least two people on your team, with the maximum depending on the selected game.

Game Length

Each booking will last for a total of 90 minutes including a briefing, the playing of the game and a debriefing including a team photo!


The number of players defines the price, the more people on your team the cheaper it will be! Starting from £12.50


Go Head-To-Head with our brand new game, The Empty Cabin. Book both rooms for the same time slot to go Head-To-Head.

Price List

  • Team of 2 - £40 (£20/person)
  • Team of 3 - £52.50 (£17.50/person)
  • Team of 4 - £60 (£15/person)
  • Team of 5 - £67.50 (£13.50/person)
  • Team of 6 - £75 (£12.50/person)

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Secured by Sectigo